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صفر تا صد آموزش فارسی کیوبیس پک 1
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آموزش فارسی صفر تا صد مسترینگ با پلاگینهای waves

دانلود کیوبیس 8 cubase با لینک مستقیم رایگان و آموزش نصب فارسی

دانلود رایگان وی اس تی استرینگ شرقی Fayez Saidawi Oriental Strings با لینک مستقیم تک پارت از سرور سایت

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موضوع: دانلود پک سمپل های امبینت Studio Wormbone Cerebral

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    Mahan SBD
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    پیش فرض دانلود پک سمپل های امبینت Studio Wormbone Cerebral

    Studio Wormbone Cerebral Ambient MULTiFORMAT

    Team SONiTUS | 04.2012 | 543.75 MB


    'Cerebral Ambient' is Studio Wormbone's latest mixed cocktail of tranquil states of mind. Here 40 peaceful synthetic washes compliment 150 mellow one-shot electro hits for the perfect blend of thought and action.

    'Cerebral Ambient' is Studio Wormbone's latest supple and serene downtempo collection. Like the dual halves of the brain this sound pack is comprised of two seperate regions:

    The first is a folder entitled "Left Side" packed with 40 soothing washes of shifting aural backdrop colors. These long sedate samples are softly flowing and enriched with feeling. The moods of these atmospheric pads are varied - evolving uneasy tones mingle with tranquil pastel drones. They all ride the undercurrents of thought.

    The second folder is entitled "Right Side" and is full of the sharp synaptic firings that occur between neurons. These are ebmodied by 150 transient electro one shot hits. Many of these mellow techno bursts sprang from the raw oscillators of boutique quality modular equipment.

    Most are sub-divided by filename into small groupings of 5-10 similar sounds that would load beautifully as auxilliary percussion drum kits into your favorite sequencing software. The resulting programmed patterns of the Right Side of the brain dance like biochemical lightening storms on top of the gentle current of the Left Side.

    'Cerebral Ambient' would fit harmoniously among Minimal, Techno, Downtempo, Chill, Ambient, Dance, House, Electro, Dubstep, Lounge, and Cinematic compositions.

    A note about the demo songs:

    The first demo showcases only the "Left Side" with its evolving backgrounds. The second demo uses a solitary string progression from the Left Side with many one shot hits from the Right Side. There is also a synth lead not included in the sound pack, placed in the second demo for musical context.


    Except where processing is a critical component of the overall intended 'flavour' of a sound, the majority of these files have only been subjected to minimal amounts of reverb or compression. This allows plenty of headroom for tweaking. All of them are calibrated with precision to make your next project inventive, far-sighted, and mind-blisteringly innovative.


    Formats provided are WAV/AIF in 24-Bit/44.1khz resolution, and are of course Royalty-Free. Most of these files are atonal, so they'll musically fit into your compositions regardless of key.

    The key for any tonal files are listed in the file name where appropriate. Every sample has been professionally recorded, edited, sliced, and mastered with the utmost care and is usable with every major audio software program (Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Sonar, FL Studio, Sony Acid, Garageband, Ableton Live, Reason). All sounds are compatible cross platform with either Mac or PC.

    About The Creator:

    Studio Wormbone is a compact and efficient state-of-the-art recording and production facility located in a quiet forest setting just outside the Emerald City of Seattle Washington, USA. Owned and managed by sound designer/producer Trevor Dutton, its resources specialise in all aspects of electronic music and cutting-edge audio production.


    Leave the thinking to 'Cerebral Ambient' so that you can get back to feeling the relaxation.

    لینک دانلود مستقیم 60 روزه:

    تنها کاربران عضو قادر به مشاهده لینکها هستند ، برای مشاهده و دانلود لینکها از اینجا ثبت نام کنید

    بهروز باشید.

    تعداد کل آرای این پست : 5
    تعداد آرای مثبت : 5
    موسیقی را ساده و آنلاین بیاموز !
    آموزش های تصویری و رایگان تئوری موسیقی ، صدابرداری ، میکس و مسترینگ و نرم افزار ، در :

    داینامیک موزیک همیشه مهمتر از لودنس اونه ؛ یادمون باشه...


    رمز تمامی فایل هایی که توسط بنده آپلود شده "cubase.ir" با حروف کوچک میباشد .

    راه های ارتباطی:
    پیام خصوصی
    #1 ارسال شده در تاريخ ۱۳۹۴/۰۳/۱۷ در ساعت 23:33

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